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Minister Of Finance with son - my story.png

The Minister Of Finance
Brandon Williams

An award-winning author, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist who was born and raised in Miami, FL.

"My accomplishments to date have all been evidence that God is real and when God is for you, nothing or no one can stand against you."

My Story

 A young man raised in the tough streets of Miami by my single mother, grandmother, and grandfather. Throughout my journey, I’ve endured numerous challenges and setbacks.
Some of my challenges include having grown up with a father in prison, being raised by a single mother, dropping out of high school, and being a teen father.
However, at age of 18, my life changed for the better and my decision to take charge of my own life and my own career enabled me to start my own business.

My business allowed me the time and freedom I needed to do what I enjoy the most, which is serving others.
In April of 2022, my 18yr old son and I started a non-profit by the name of CEO Financial Literacy Academy.
I’m a serial entrepreneur.
Presently, I run several different companies, all of which are focused on training, teaching, and developing others all around the world on how to successfully start and grow their businesses.

I own my own Real Estate Brokerage by the name of CEO Realty Partners.
In addition, I’m the President of CEO Consulting Services.
Last but not least, I’m the co-owner of a life insurance brokerage, ran by my son and I by the name of CEO Wealth & Health Group.

My mission is to help people of all ages become the best version of themselves through my endless philanthropic and entrepreneurial work.
I host regular Mastermind Courses for entrepreneurs who want to take their businesses to the next level. I’m currently featured on a variety of tv shows, reality series, radio stations, webinars, and podcasts to promote effective entrepreneurship. I’m developing this book to teach people of all ages that anything is possible and success is within their reach.